Hello Beautiful,

I am Nikki Vazquez. I am a mom, Marine Corps veteran, and the owner and creator behind Vie Verte handbags. I proudly help women like you alleviate the worry, uncertainty and icky feeling of buying toxic handbags… and achieve peace of mind (including helping you feel like you flipping own that room when you walk in.)

I do this through creating a handbag line using only environmentally and socially conscious materials.

Or, to put it in completely simple terms:

I design stylish pieces that represent your personality and soul.

Why do I do it?

Because years ago, I was exactly like you. Deep down I knew I wanted what I wore to speak on my behalf even when I didn’t say a word.

But I had very few affordable options to choose from.

Then one day, I learned two things;

  1. I don’t want to buy fashion produced by environmentally irresponsible companies anymore, and
  2. If I was going to find accessories that represented me, I would have to create them.

And so, I invested in myself and my dream and Vie Verte was born. I dedicated every scrap of free time to designing and making handbags that spoke beyond a mere fashion statement-- they stood up for a better future.

And now I help you do the same.

You are already successful, beautiful and worthy…

Let’s add “socially conscious warrior protector of the environment” to the list.

XOXO - Nikki

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